The Writers


Brittany K. King

Brittany K. King is the Editor-in-chief and creator of Film Daddy. She is a graduate of Pace University in New York City where she received her degree in English Language & Literature, with a focus in Writing. In college she was an Associate Editor for a site called The Fashion Foot—but it doesn't exist anymore. Boo.

She now lives in Chicago where she spends all of her time eating Chicago-style hot dogs and literally nothing else. 

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Jan Siery

Jan Siery is a husband, dad of two kids, two cats, and a dog, and is an all-around nerd. He likes gaming, horror movies, dark and disturbing stuff, Twinkies, and people telling him things. 

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Michael Pementel

Michael Pementel is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago's Creative Writing Program. When he isn't writing for Film Daddy, he writes full time for Metal Injection and New Noise Magazine. He has also written for Alternative Press, Film Inquiry, and The Curator. He's the Social Media Manager for death metal record label Ultimate Massacre Productions. When not writing, he enjoys a hot cup of black coffee, a good book/video game/film, and to cuddle with his fiancée and cat. 

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Skyler Sneathen 

Skyler Sneathen is writer with a kitty cat for a kid. Skyler is going to school to be a high school social studies teacher, and he also loves comics and nerdom. 

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