The Return of Swamp Thing is a sincerely wacky movie (in the best way possible). Not only does it provide loads of cheesy dialogue alongside over the top action, but also offers many moments of hilarious acting throughout its bonkers story. 

For those who don’t know, Swamp Thing is part of the DC Comics family; his adventures have found him alongside the likes of Batman, Superman, and other characters from the Justice League. Now 29 years later, MVD Entertainment Group is proud to release a new restoration of the 1989 classic. Fans will find loads of commentary and behind the scenes looks, as well as an updated 2K Blu-Ray definition.

The story involves an evil scientist trying to ward off the effects of aging by mixing human DNA with that of swamp creatures (makes lots of sense I know). When his attractive stepdaughter arrives to question him over the mysterious death of her mother, he takes it upon himself to take her life in pursuit of his scientific goals. But fear not, for the young woman has Swamp Thing to defend her (and maybe they’ll both find some love along the way). 


In no way is this a serious picture, and the plot only gets more outrageous as time goes on. Strings of cheesy and melodramatic dialogue and action come together for an explosive movie full of laughter. And truth be told, for what the movie is, it’s really well done. 

The practical effects of the human/swamp creature monsters are awesome; these beings are just as cool to look at as they are creepy. And while The Return of Swamp Thing is technically an action movie, it works much better as a stellar comedy. You have bad guys comparing scars, little goofy kids who run around making nonsense, and you have the relationship between the stepdaughter and Swamp Thing.

Their relationship is a combination of hilarious and weird; when the stepdaughter first meets Swamp Thing, she is only taken aback briefly before making a statement about him being a plant. This comes off quite nonchalant, as if it’s just another observation one would commonly make going about life. Within a short matter of time she’s referring to him as her boyfriend, with one of the most ridiculous love making scenes in existence following shortly after. The fight scenes are corny, similar to the combat found in the Adam West Batman show. The score accompanies each brawl to bring out the majestic strength of Swamp Thing, while also heightening the tension. Each comedic moment fuels the other, creating a goofy string of events from beginning to end.

The Return of Swamp Thing is hilarious from the moment it kicks off. In a day and age where comic book movies (for the most part) try so hard to be serious, it’s terrific to sit back and watch a hero kick ass while bringing about waves of laughter.