Millennial Killer - House Hunting can be Murder

House hunting is one of things you have to do when you get older and want your independence. Sure, it can be fun looking for a place you can call your own, but one of the most annoying things you must deal with are the Estate Agents. Their sickeningly positive attitude to even the biggest shit hole grates on me and makes me think that they must have some lack of morality letting people spend hundreds a month to live in somewhere that has damp and dodgy electrics. So, when I came across Millennial Killer, I was instantly interested in the premise of a psychotic estate agent killing prospective tenants, I mean who wouldn’t?

millenial 2.jpg

The story is pretty much a I described above, but the way that writer/director Sam Mason-Bell tells it on the screen keeps you interested throughout, with the estate agent (Simon Berry) playing the role brilliantly, showing the calm professional side of his character then switching to the maniacal side with ease making you believe that this character has perfected his cover over time. The way he obsesses of the chandelier that he “put in himself” and practicing his lines for clients in his car before going to meet them shows that thought had gone into the little things in his character which makes him more believable.

When it comes to the prospective clients, they are a mixed bag. Naomi (Alice Mullholland) plays an excellent part as the main victim, who stays alive learning more about the motive of the estate agent, while others seem a little wooden (nobody has ever been that excited over a flat having a lounge) but they play their parts well and add what they need to throughout the story.

millenial 3.jpg

As in every horror film you must look at the effects, and you won’t be disappointed with what you get here. For a micro-budget film, they look good and aren’t overused, so a big shout out has to go to the special effects artist Lewis Wilson for this. Overall the film looks like it has a bigger budget than it did and that is a testament to how much work went into the film.

If you fancy a good horror film, with an interesting story you won’t go wrong with Millennial Killer, just maybe don’t watch it before you go to view that dream home.

Jan Siery