IN2RUDERS is Now Available on Amazon Prime

Film Daddy previously reviewed In2ruders, a film we described as being a “majorly underrated piece of work”.

You can read our review of Naeem Mahmood’s horror flick or finally see it for yourself on Amazon Prime.

There’s something so refreshing about a film with so much attention to detail, a film which dares to look different. I love the production design, specifically the costume and make-up. It makes sense for Lumi and Narti (the Bloom Twins) to be dressed up, as they are performers. Serpentine’s choice of clothing not only shows power (she’s always the most glamourous in the room) but also shows how she’s part of the industry and uses it to her advantage. 

The look of this film is similar to that of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (Greenaway,1989) with the crazy expressive costumes, colours, and lighting. It’s an obvious choice: the room in which the one twin is tortured is lit a deep red — I’d like to think it’s the inside of her mind as she’s being physically tortured. People appearing and disappearing seem to suggest that she’s either on drugs or imagining it as her body is being tortured.