6 Fictional School Posters

It’s been a couple (or eight) years since I received a college pamphlet in the mail, but there’s one thing I remember about them for certain: they’re awful. Even schools with graphic design programs seem to throw their student talent out the window when doing those little flyers (the purpose, of which, is to make people want to attend your school). Perhaps if real colleges offered majors in Potions and electives like Scaring 101 their adverts would seem more interesting.

So what would some of the most famous fictional universities advertise on their school posters? Our friends across the pond dreamed up some pretty neat ones, whether it’s from a Wildcats’ varsity basketball game or the magical Wizarding World.

Enjoy the following fictional school posters; design and captions courtesy of School-Smart:

6. Starfleet Academy

For a truly out of this world experience look no further than the Starfleet Academy, although you’ll have to wait a while, as it doesn’t officially open until 2161.


5. Monsters University

You won’t be lost for competition at Monsters University with the annual Scare Games and rivalry between fraternity and sororities, you’ll make friends as well as enemies!


4. Hogwarts

With tri-wizard tournaments and flying lessons on the curriculum this school would be anyone’s favourite, but Hogwarts has lots of dangerous secrets and you could end up face to face with a Basilisk.


3. East High School

If extra-circular activities are your thing, East School High might be the perfect pick for you with High School Musicals to take part in and Basketball teams to join you’ll be spoilt for choice.


2. Crunchem Hall

Whilst Crunchem Hall may seem like the worst possible place to go to school you’ll enjoy the mischievous magic and you’ll have one of the best teachers in the world – Miss Honey.

Crunchem Hall.png

1. Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches

If you like to get up to no good, Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches is the perfect pick but be warned you’ll have to obey the witches code and the rules of the school charter.