6 Great Cult Documentaries (& Where to Watch Them)

The obsession with learning about cults continues to grow. There are infinite books, essays, think pieces, podcasts, films, and even an entire American Horror Story season dedicated to the topic.

But if you're looking to indulge in some information about the real deal, here are some excellent documentaries on the fascinating, and sometimes tragic, stories of real-life cults.  

6. Children of God

The Padilla family survived a lot during their 18 years of devotion to the Children of God cult. Incest, prostitution, and child abuse are just a few of the chilling accusations mentioned in this documentary.  

5. Kidnapped for Christ 

Troubled teens and a Christian behavior modification program: a lot of secrets are revealed in this documentary. 

4. Scientology: The Ex-Files

Extreme cruelty, slave labor, and financial greed are just a few of the many claims against the Church of Scientology. This documentary digs deep into the operations behind Scientology. 

3. Heaven's Gate: The Untold Story

Thirty-nine people took their own life on March 26, 1997. This documentary discusses the crazy cult that influences them to do so. 

2. Manson 40 Years Later

How does one man influence young people to be brutal murderers? This documentary takes a look back at one of the most famous cult leaders of all time: Charles Manson. 

1. Jonestown: Paradise Lost

This documentary dives into the famous Peoples' Temple and what lead to the death of 918 men, women, and children on November 18th, 1978.