The Tragic Life and Death of Christa Helm

You may not recognize Christa Helm's name, and if you do, it's certainly not for her successful acting career. In fact, Christa never had the chance to make her big break in Hollywood and to this day is more remembered more for her sexual forays with some of the biggest, most prominent celebrities of the time, rather than for her career on the silver screen. 


What made these sexual rendezvous a topic of interest was Christa's habit of recording them––both on paper and via tape. Her so-called "sex diaries" became particularly fascinating following her mysterious death in 1977. To this day, Christa Helm's murder remains unsolved and many beg the question: were Christa's sex diaries the cause of her untimely death? 

You can listen to Christa's tragic story on one of our favorite podcasts, Unsolved Murders.