What the hell is an Academy Award-winning Popular Film?

This week The Academy announced significant changes to future Oscars that will drastically alter the award show. First, the program will be cut down to last only three hours — a response to past backlash about the ceremony running too long. However, the most important (and confusing) change is the addition of a new category: Popular Film.

So what the hell does it mean to be an Academy Award-winning Popular Film? No one knows yet. But these are my guesses for potential winners: 

  • Any Michael Bay film with a weak plot that involves robots and grossed ten trillion dollars opening weekend

  • Comedies, since The Academy refuses to recognize them as real and significant pieces of art

  • A movie that has cultural significance and touches on hard-hitting topics like race, sexuality, or the current political climate but will lose in the Best Picture category to a film about starving artists who fall in love (both white)

  • A film with an all female cast

  • An animated film that also definitely won't be nominated for or win Best Picture

  • The Academy will resurrect The Artist and it will win every category again and a new Jack Russell Terrier will run on stage and do a back-flip

  • A Woody Allen film


What the hell do you think a Popular Film is?