Lost Stanley Kubrick Screenplay, BURNING SECRET, Has Been Found

It was reported that a lost script co-written by Stanley Kubrick has been found. The screenplay is called Burning Secret and is an adaptation of Australian novelist Stefan Zweig's 1913 novella. 

The script itself was no secret—Kubrick was known to have worked on Burning Secret but, whether or not there was ever a completed screenplay remains a mystery. Film professor Nathan Abrams (Bangor University) told BBC that the script was over 100 pages long. 

“It’s a full script: beginning, middle, end. As to whether that was the final one, we can’t say," Abrams reported. 

Burning Secret was written by Kubrick and screenwriter Calder Willingham in the fifties and is a story of a mother and son, and a strange man who befriends the young boy in order to seduce his mother while on holiday.


Original article published on Variety