5 Games To Play at Your Halloween Party

We all know what Halloween parties are like when you grown up: drunk people walking around wearing idiotic costumes that are generally a bit of a let down. Well fear not, as here are five ways to spice up your Halloween party and be the most talked about host of the season.

A little disclaimer though –– you or your guests may die, become possessed, or even be haunted by vengeful spirits. But hey, it’s Halloween!

1) The 10 Day Dream Sequence

A little friendly warning for you: legend has it that if you read about this sequence you may have the same dream within three days. You will have a dream each night for ten days in a row, and within each dream there will be a rule that you must follow. If you don’t fancy this, then scroll down to number two now. For the rest of you, here goes:

To start, all you need to do is to read the following and then sleep. Yes it is that simple, so lets get started.

  1. On the first night you will dream that you are asleep in your room. There is a girl looking at you through the window.
    Rule: You have to let her in if she requests it.

  2. On the second night the girl will be in your room. She will be whispering, ‘please’ repeatedly, but will not interact with you in any other way.
    Rule: If she wants to get into bed with you, you must let her.

  3. On the third night you will be lying in bed together and she will show you her face.
    Rule: You must not cry or show shock at her face.

  4. On the fourth night she will ask to go to the park.
    Rule: You must grant her request, but do not speak to her.

  5. On the fifth night you will be at the park and there will be someone with a pushchair. The mother is a cat, the baby is a dog.
    Rule: If she tells you to, you must kill either the mother or the baby.

  6. On the sixth night you will still be in the park, but you will see a ship about to take flight.
    Rule: Ensure you are on the ship before it leaves the ground.

  7. On the seventh night you will find yourself aboard the airship along with others who have heard this story.
    Rule: Make sure you get a seat.

  8. On the eight night black and white roses will begin to fall from the sky.
    Rule: Make sure you throw the black roses from the ship.

  9. On the ninth night you will return home with the girl.
    Rule: Climb into bed with her.

  10. On the tenth night something will happen, but no one knows what.
    Rule: You must tell someone else this story while awake, otherwise you will return to the first night of the dream and this cycle will continue forever. You cannot tell this person what happens on the tenth night.

So if you have read all of that you should be in for some pretty cool dreams. I may or may not have had the dream, I can’t be certain as I rarely remember my dreams, except for the reoccurring one i had as a kid where I had K.I.T.T from Knightrider as my best friend. That was amazing. 

2) The Midnight Man Game

This game apparently originates in the Pagan religion and was used as a punishment for those that had broken a law in Pagan religion. This was used as a warning to not disobey the Gods, but the chance of death was very real. If you choose to play this game, please do not take it lightly as it could result in a grizzly end.

So you are going to need a few things for this one, so head to the shops and stock up on:

  • A white candle.

  • A wooden door.

  • A drop of blood.

  • A sterile pin or needle.

  • Paper.

  • A lighter or some matches

  • Sea salt.

Once you have these items, it’s time for the fun to begin; however if you are playing with more than yourself, the others will need to bring their own things and they will have to perform the steps below as well. This must be played at precisely midnight or this will not work.

  1. Put your full name on a piece of paper, make sure you include any middle names. Then prick your finger with the needle and put at least one drop of blood on the paper and allow it to soak in.

  2. Turn off all the lights and take the paper to your chosen door and place it on the floor in front of the door. Then light the candle and place it on top of the paper.

  3. You must now knock on the door twenty-two times the final knock must be when it is still midnight. Once you have done this open the door, blow out the candle and close the door again. You have just invited the Midnight Man into your house.

  4. Relight the candle immediately and now the game can start! You now can wander around your house in complete darkness holding your candle, the aim of this is now to avoid the Midnight Man at all costs until 3:33am. Should your candle go out this means that the Midnight Man is nearby. You must relight your candle within 10 seconds, but if you are unable to you must surround yourself immediately with a circle of salt. If you can relight your candle, you can continue with the game but must continue to 3:33am without being attacked by the Midnight Man or becoming trapped in a circle of salt. If you surrounded yourself in salt you must remain in there until 3:33am.

If you are not successful in relighting your candle, or encircling yourself in salt, the Midnight Man will create a hallucination of your greatest fear and rip out your organs one by one. You will not be able to move but you will be able to feel everything. Indications that you are near the Midnight Man will include sudden drop in temperature, seeing a pure black humanoid figure through the darkness, and hearing very soft whispering coming from an indiscernible source. If you experience any of these, it is advised that you leave the area to avoid the Midnight Man. If you survive until 3:33am the Midnight Man will leave your house, and you can go about your day.

There are a few thing you must avoid doing in order to keep your organs:

DO NOT turn any of the lights on during the Midnight Game.

DO NOT use a flashlight during the Midnight Game.

DO NOT go to sleep during the Midnight Game.

DO NOT attempt to use another person’s blood on your name.

DO NOT use a lighter as a substitute for a candle. It will not work.

AND DEFINITELY DO NOT attempt to provoke the Midnight Man in ANY WAY

They also say he will always be watching you, so remember that as you lie in bed.

3) Blue Baby Blue

So once upon a time there was a baby called Blue, and their mother had issues. One day she couldn’t take it anymore and broke a mirror and stabbed the baby to death. I know, cheery isn’t it? This game has been around in one form or another for a long time, and you are able to comfort the poor child with friends if you play along.

The only thing you will need is a mirror to perform this game, so lets get started:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to head to a bathroom with some friends and find a mirror.

  2. Make sure the mirror is fogged up and write “Baby Blue” in the condensation.

  3. Turn off the lights.

  4. After a few minutes position your arms as though carrying a small baby. You should feel the weight of a child.

  5. Hold the baby for a few minutes and then pass him to your friend.

  6. Be warned though that the baby is a wriggler and if you drop it a scratch will appear on your arm. If you do it a second time, you will receive a second, far worse scratch. If you drop him a third time the mirror will break instantly and the sweet innocent baby will kill you.

Another version of the story says that you should say “Blue Baby” thirteen times while pretending to rock a child in your arms. Once you finish, a baby will appear in your arms and you should immediately drop it and run out of the bathroom. If you don’t, a woman appears in the mirror screaming “give me back my baby” and kill you. 

But she can hardly blame you for taking care of her baby, you know, since the last time she held it she was stabbing it to death.


4) Bloody Mary

Ahhh Bloody Mary, the old faithful of Halloween games. Played for years and spawned numerous tales of what happened to bored teenagers when Mary came to visit. 

But who was Bloody Mary? Some say she was a witch who was burned at the stake. Others say a virgin abandoned on her wedding night. Or she could be the unfortunate Mary Worth who people claim was disfigured in a car accident. Sometimes she is a dead girl, other times a ghost. Sometimes she is covered in blood and other times not. Others say she is the devil come to steal your soul. Others have said that she is you from another dimension and you open a portal between worlds.

Either way there are several stories relating to Mary, but if you want to meet her yourself here is what you do:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror in a dark room.

  2. Say “Bloody Mary” 13 times.

And Voila! you have summoned Mary. Let me know how it worked out for you…

5) Hide and Seek Alone

So this is the type of game you see in films where you scream “How stupid are you?” at the protagonist for even contemplating playing it. But if you are the daring type, and as you can see from the title are a billy no mates, then this is the game for you.

In essence you are providing a service to the wandering spirits who need a body to possess. But instead of a body you are giving them a doll to live in (see how the stupid and creepy factor come in to the equation now?).

Now you will need a few things to get this going:

  • One stuffed doll with all of its limbs intact.

  • Enough rice to stuff the doll full.

  • One needle and some crimson thread.

  • One pair of nail clippers.

  • One sharp-edged tool, such as a knife, glass shard, or scissors.

  • One cup of salt water. Natural salt would be best.

  • A bathroom, with a bathtub and some form of surface

  • A hiding place, preferably a room, and there must be a T.V in there.

So when you have all these things it’s time to get started!

  1. Prepare the doll by taking out all the stuffing and replace it with rice. This is supposed to represent the innards of the body.

  2. Clip off a few pieces of your nails and put them inside the doll. Sew up the opening with the crimson thread. When you finish sewing, tie up the doll with the rest of the thread.

  3. Next head to your bathroom and fill up the bath with water.

  4. Then head back to your hiding place and put a cup of salt water on the ground.

  5. Give a name to your doll — it can be any name apart from your own, so we are calling this doll Brenda.

  6. At 3am say “Brenda (or your doll’s name) is the first it” to the doll 3 times.

  7. Take the doll to the bathroom and place it in the bathwater.

  8. Turn off all the lights in the house and head to the hiding place and turn on the TV.

  9. After counting to 10 go back into the bathroom with the edged tool in hand.

  10. Go to the bath and say “I have found you Brenda” to the doll and stab it with the edged tool. By cutting the thread off, you break the seal and release the spirit you have trapped.

  11. Then say “You are the next it, Brenda” as you take the doll out of the bath and leave it on its side in the bathroom.

  12. When you have put the doll down run to your hiding place, and hide, obviously.

  13. So then pour half of the cup of salt water into your mouth. Do not drink it, just keep it there as 1) it will protect you and 2) you will probably be sick. It is important to do this as if you venture out of your hiding place without salt water you may encounter “something” wandering around. You will know if you have as the TV will notify you that something is wrong.

  14. Leave the hiding place and look for the doll. It won’t necessarily be in the bathroom anymore. And don’t spit out the salt water!

  15. When you find the doll, pour the rest of the salt water in the cup over it. Then spit out the salt water in your mouth onto it as well.

  16. Say “I win” 3 times. This is supposed to end the ritual after this make sure you dry the doll, burn, and discard it.

Important things to remember:

Do not stop this ritual halfway through. You must do it through to the end. This is a supposedly dangerous ritual, and I don’t want any harm to come to you. So a few other tips for you:

  • Do not leave your house until you have done the finishing ritual.

  • You must turn off every single light in your house when told to do so.

  • You must keep quiet while hiding.

  • You do not need to put the salt water in your mouth during the beginning. You only need to do it during the finishing ritual.

  • Remember, if you are living with someone, you might put them in danger too.

  • Keep the ritual/game under two hours, or else the spirit will be too strong to remove.

  • For safety reasons, it might be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked, including your front door. As well, have friends close by, so that they can come and help you at a moment’s notice, if you ever need them. Keeping a mobile close at hand would be a good idea too.

So there we have it, your entertainment for Halloween is complete. So which game will you try first? Are you scared to try any? Or did you try one and have a cool story? Let me know below and remember to share the page and spread the word!

Happy Gaming.