The 5 Worst Games of 2017

As I discussed in my latest article, 2017 had some great games that kept us entertained for hours and made us feel we spent our money wisely.  However, there are some games that failed to deliver, some that didn't connect with people and some that are just a crap fest. 

Join me now as we delve into the dirty depths of the five worst games of 2017.

Agents of Mayhem

[Source: Volition]

[Source: Volition]

If you have a franchise as good and fun to play as Saints Row and you are given a blank canvass for a spinoff, you can only imagine the fun you could have. Sadly, Agents of Mayhem developers Volition didn't think that way and released a game that was flawed, mundane, and in some parts completely broken.

From enemies spawning into walls and making missions impossible to complete, to the blandness of the open world of Seoul, the game feels like it needed a few more months of polishing and fixing before it was released. The characters are fun and the script (while cringe-worthy) can raise a laugh, but all this is let down by repetitive missions, buggy game play, and the fact that the game costs £40.

The facts also speak for themselves, with an average of 61.2 players playing the game online over the last 30 days. If Volition can find a way to save the game, they better do it quick.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

[Source: BioWare]

[Source: BioWare]

When BioWare brought us the first two Mass Effect games we would have let them gladly marry our Sister, even when Mass Effect 3 came out and wasn't as good, we would have at least let them longterm date. But with Mass Effect: Andromeda, not only has BioWare ruined their chances to even cop a feel, but they have legitimately plunged the entire franchise into a nosedive that they might not recover from.

When the game was released complaints went sky-high regarding the dodgy animations, and it was littered with bugs rendering it nearly unplayable. These can be sorted by a patch, but the subpar story and the boring missions just go to prove that this game was rushed through production with only the thought of cashing in on the previous games in the mind of the publishers.

The effect of the games failure is easy to see and all the single player DLC has been cancelled, the studio all but closed down, and any future Mass Effect games have been put on hold indefinitely.

Lego Worlds

[Source: Traveller's Tales]

[Source: Traveller's Tales]

People like Minecraft.  People like Lego. So if you combine the two, you should have the recipe for a classic game. However, with Lego Worlds, you are as far removed from that scenario as can be.

While playing the game you become frustrated with just how linear it is, despite being able to copy anything that is made out of Lego. You don't get to fully explore the worlds until after a few hours of gameplay, and even then you still feel you have the handbrake on. Unlike Minecraft, the tasks become repetitive and boring and leave you feeling that you should have more to do, and the fun seems to be removed from the game somehow.

TT Games has a brilliant record with Lego games, and this is a rare blip. Hopefully they can make a Lego Worlds game that realizes its potential.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

[Source: Ubisoft]

[Source: Ubisoft]

This game is a tricky one to pin down. It can be fun, but at the same time, it fails on levels you wouldn't expect from a game with the name Tom Clancy as a prefix.  

The game tries to be too many things all at once but doesn't feel like it succeeds to hit the mark. Combining Far Cry's open world technology with The Division's action should have been amazing, but it just didn't click. Driving around the open world, you hit the rugged terrain hoping for realistic control, yet the vehicle bounces erratically when it grazes a blade of grass, all while your character stays perfectly still leaving you to question whether anybody on the testing team cared or actually played the game before giving it the thumbs up.

The game ends up being chaos incarnate, with nothing sitting right as it looks on at what it could have been. I just hope that they learn their lessons and attempt this again, as this should be brilliant, but it just isn't.


[Source: Boss Key Productions]

[Source: Boss Key Productions]

When you have a game headed up by the man that brought us Gears of War and looks to try and dethrone Overwatch as everyone's favourite FPS, expectations are (quite rightly) going to be high. That is why LawBreakers hits you where it hurts and leaves you wondering what could have been.

Where Gears of War innovated, LawBreakers is just as bland and generic as a rich tea biscuit, and not nearly as satisfying. The controls and game base are sound enough but it doesn't do much to make it stand out from the crowd. It just seems like every other game that can't get anywhere near Overwatch, and the worst thing is, it doesn't even look like they tried.

Hitting peak figures of 20 players on average every 24 hours, you can see how far it is from getting anywhere near Overwatch.

Well that's what I think but what about you? Did I trash your favourite game? 

Or have I missed one so glaringly obvious you want to punch me?