OSW Review is Making Wrestling Fun Again

When I was growing up wrestling was huge and its biggest star was undoubtedly Hulk Hogan, spreading the word of Hulkamania throughout the world via the World Wrestling Federation. During that time, every match I saw was a classic and there was no way anyone could change my mind until Jay, V1, and Mr OOC came along and opened my eyes to how the Hulkamania era really was.

Started by a group of friends from Ireland, Old School Wrestling Review (OSW for short) is a video/podcast which originally chronologically critiqued the Hulkamania era one pay-per-view at a time. Mixing in old video game music and graphics along with some of the most astute observations about wrestling you will get from actual fans, the show went from strength to strength, and after the Hulkamania era finished they continued to review different story arcs and also films too (watch their review of The Room, it is a classic).


The best thing about OSW review, is that when you watch it, you feel as though you are sitting with friends laughing about the matches and story lines, which is welcoming as most podcasts about wrestling are just people telling you things. This is what makes OSW unique and, in my opinion, the best out there. 

If you are a fan of wrestling. head on over to oswreview.com right now.  

If you want to help the guys out you can give money on their Patreon page Nogger University, and also watch V1 play videos games on their very own Twitch channel.